Supply New England Cooling Products

Cooling Products & Equipment

Supply New England offers the complete Frigidaire HVAC line as well as Friedrich ductless mini-split AC systems. We also carry products by First Co., Williamson, AirGas, Honeywell, and many other leading brands. Beyond our extensive HVAC equipment offerings, our company is also a full-service provider of duct, registers, grilles and indoor air quality products such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, energy recovery units, and electronic air cleaners.

HVAC Product Partners

Controls & Thermostats

Line Sets
Cerro, PDM, Mueller

Refrigerant Recovery & Reclaim
AirGas, Refron, Honeywell

Grills, Registers & Diffusers
Hart & Cooley

Ductwork, Flex Duct, Plenums, Fittings
DucPac, Ductboard, Hardcast

Air Filters
Flanders Precisionaire

Reflectix, Certainteed, Flex Duct, Hart & Cooley

Gas & Oil Furnaces
Williamson, Sure Comfort, NTI

Split Systems
First Co, Sure Comfort

Package Unit (RTU)
Sure Comfort, Rheem

Casement, Window, Thru-wall

Duct-Less Split (Mini Split)

Package Terminal (PTAC & PTHP)

Hi-Velocity Systems

Quicksling, Diversitech, Honeywell, Zonefirst

Indoor Air Quality Product Partners

Electronic Air Cleaners / Media Filters, Humidifiers, Ultraviolet
Honeywell, Field Controls

Honeywell, Friedrich, Lifebreath

Bathroom Ventilation

Energy Recovery Units (ERV / HRV)
Honeywell, Lifebreath

Zoning Systems & Controls
Honeywell, Zonefirst