Return Policy

Returns of General Merchandise
Customers may return any merchandise which Supply New England stocks and which is not a special-order item as with the condition that:

  1. The item is in new, unused condition in its undamaged, unmarked, original packaging containing all original parts suitable for resale: and
  2. The item has not been used, installed, modified, refurbished, marked, altered, or damaged in any way.
  3. The item was purchased from Supply New England Less than or Equal to 30 Calendar days prior to the return.

All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the original sale price unless otherwise agreed upon by Supply New England. Special Ordered Nonstock- items may only be returned if the manufacturer is willing to accept the item back. Restocking fees and cancellation fees charged by the manufacturer will be paid by the customer/patron returning the material.

All returns must be made to a Supply New England Branch or Warehouse location. It is preferred that items are returned to the same location where they were purchased however, Supply New England is aware that in some cases it is more convenient to return items to a different location. Please note that returns will not be accepted at Supply New England’s Kohler Signature Store locations. Please contact one of our Sales Associates to arrange for returns to be dropped off at one of our locations or collected by one of our delivery drivers.

Defective Products
Defective products should be returned to Supply New England as soon as possible so that our Sales Associates may be able to assist with getting a replacement unit promptly. When a replacement item is shipped to a customer, the customer will be charged for the replacement and corresponding shipping charges. Reimbursement for the cost of the replacement and corresponding shipping charges will take place once the original defective item is returned to Supply New England. If a defective item is returned to Supply New England prior to a replacement getting sent to the customer, the customer will receive a credit on account which can be used to pay for the replacement in the future. Defective items are items with a manufacturer defect which are imperfect or faulty at the time of sale.

Items missing parts from a manufacturer are not defective. Supply New England is glad to assist with obtaining replacement parts promptly from a manufacturer. If replacement parts are not able to be obtained, Supply New England is happy to work with the customer to come up with an appropriate solution. Please note, items that are installed and found to be missing parts are not able to be exchanged for new units. Replacement parts must be procured from the original manufacturer. Claims for labor will be denied by Supply New England.

If a product under a manufacturer’s warranty has failed, please contact Supply New England. We will be delighted to assist with obtaining a replacement item from the original manufacturer. Each manufacturer has unique policies on how warranty claims should be processed; Supply New England will inform you on the necessary steps for overcoming the challenge with your item. Warranty items must be returned to a Supply New England location prior to credit getting issued.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser/customer to inspect products post-delivery. Please inspect all materials and report any shipping discrepancies, missing items, damaged items, or damaged packaging within 7 business days. Please send photos of damaged items to your sales associate so that He/She may be able to arrange for damaged materials to be returned to Supply New England and replacements shipped to the customer.

You may cancel your order for any reason and receive a full refund provided the order has not been shipped by the manufacturer. When an order is placed, Supply New England procures the material for customers from Manufacturers and invests assets into securing this material. Once an order or item has shipped from a manufacturer’s warehouse, the order or item is not able to be cancelled by Supply New England. Thus, the customer is not able to cancel the item with Supply New England specifically when the material purchased is special order non-stock material. Stock items that are stocked regularly at Supply New England can be cancelled free-of-charge anytime.

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