Focused On Your Needs Above All Else

Here at Supply New England we treat customers like a partner in business. We work closely with you in and out of the office to ensure we are aware of your biggest concerns in the market. Supply New England has experience providing custom solutions to help each individual customer accomplish their goals. Our level of technical service and training is unique in the industry, providing you with support on the equipment at any point before, during or after the installation.

Supply New England has forged multi-generational relationships with representatives and manufacturers. By combining their efforts with ours we are able to support customer trips, promotions and events that are unlike any other supplier in the market. Quick access to your account and sales information on the go via the ProShop App is yet another advantage that makes Supply New England a primary option for your Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, Tile and Cabinetry needs. Visit one of our locations or fill out the form below to become a Supply New England customer today!

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