2023 – Smoke Em’ If You Got Em’

2023 – Smoke Em’ If You Got Em’

The SNE Uxbridge branch recently hosted a sizzling Smokin’ BBQ Fest/Customer Appreciation Day on Thursday, October 26! The event showcased an impressive lineup of mouthwatering dishes cooked by the talented Tom Ryan, an award-winning competition BBQ Pitmaster.

Attendees had the opportunity to indulge in a delectable spread, featuring tasty pulled pork, savory BBQ ribs, mouthwatering BBQ chicken, juicy burgers, hot dogs, and an array of flavorful sides—all expertly smoked & sauced perfectly.

However, this event wasn’t solely about fantastic food; it also provided a platform for networking and business discussions. A huge thanks to both Mike Scanlon from Milwaukee, and Kevin Devine from Archer for sponsoring and for taking the time to come hang out with everyone. It was an ideal setting to enjoy exceptional cuisine while diving into industry insights and discussions about their latest products and promotional offers.

For our awesome customers who attended, we want to thank you for coming to celebrate yourselves and how important you all are to us! It was a memorable affair, filled with delicious bites and engaging discussions in a delightful ambiance. Until the next flavorful gathering!