The History of Supply New England

The History of Supply New England

The Reardon Companies, Inc.

In 1945, two employees of Corcoran Supply of Brockton, Massachusetts formed a relationship. Together, Walter Reardon and Howard Lynch purchased A.J. Laliberte Supply Co. in Attleboro. The two new owners continued the business under the same name until 1946.

In 1946, at the close of WWII, Walter Reardon and Howard Lynch founded the Reardon & Lynch Company in Attleboro. By 1955, the company had become a major player in the Attleboro-Brockton trading locale.

In 1966, Lynch retired, selling his interest in the company to Walter's son, John. In 1978, Reardon acquired The Allen & Reed Company, an established Providence, Rhode Island supplier of industrial pipe, valves, and fittings. In 1982, the acquisition of Thornley Supply Company expanded the company's territory to include Pawtucket and Peacedale. Ten years later, Reardon purchased the plumbing and heating inventory and warehouse of JT O'Connell Company, a building materials supplier in Rhode Island's Newport area.

In 1994, John's sons, Jason and Jamie, assisted in negotiating the purchase of Corcoran Supply of Fall River. The Reardon Companies' final acquisition prior to merging with R.B. Corcoran Co. was that of Dalton & Ingersoll Company, the oldest plumbing and heating supply house in the country. With the addition of this company's two sites, Reardon Companies further increased its market presence across MA and RI.

R.B. Corcoran Co., Inc.

The R.B. Corcoran Company was incorporated in 1947 by Robert Corcoran, as an offshoot of Corcoran Supply of Brockton and Fall River, MA (later purchased by The Reardon Companies, Inc.). R.B. Corcoran had the distinction of being the first plumbing and heating supply house on Cape Cod and opened several more branches by 1981.

During 1983 and 1984, R.B. Corcoran opened branches on the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket - the first supply house to locate off the mainland. In 1993, R.B. Corcoran Co. created the Kitchen and Bath Gallery division run by Carolyn Corcoran. Kitchen displays were eventually added to the showrooms in several other locations before the merger with The Reardon Companies in 2000.

David Corcoran, Robert's son and co-owner of the family business, successfully ran R.B. Corcoran's daily operations as General Manager since coming on board in 1973.