April, 13 2020


People all around the world are experiencing an unprecedented time as a majority quarantine to avoid exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  As an essential business, our plan is to support the trades and businesses today the same as we have for the past three generations.  Supply New England continues to take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of our customers and associates according to the guidelines provided by the CDC and local government.     

  • We have received and distributed a strong viricidal disinfectant to all locations for daily wipe downs in order to keep work areas and product space clean.
  • Any associate with the ability to operate remotely has been given the resources to work from home.
  • Supply New England has kept 50% of our branch associates at home on quarantine in two-week rotations. Our goal is to have a plan in place to provide consistent service to our customers in the event someone within our company contracts the virus.  
  • We have been working with J Brian Day to prepare for a deep clean and ULV fog treatment at any of our locations should the situation deem necessary. If an associate contracts the virus, we will have the location professionally cleaned before anyone returns to that location.  The quarantined group of associates that have been at home would then come back to operate a clean branch.
  • Any associate feeling symptoms associated with the COVID-19 virus at any location will be sent home to quarantine for two weeks and are required to consult with their doctor immediately.
  • All associates will continue to practice social distancing and any associates that handle material will continue to wear gloves to avoid exposure and/or spread of the virus.

Although we hope to never utilize some of these measures, we feel it is important to make any preparations necessary to stay open and to provide the highest level of service to our customers.  Supply New England trade locations remain open and available for orders via phone, email, the ProZone website and ProShop App.  Staged pick-up orders and tailgate deliveries are available Monday - Friday, 7:30 - 4:00pm.  Our associates are available for virtual sales visits, technical support and training via Zoom meetings.  Call your local branch or our corporate office for more information.



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